It is all a part of life…

At 23 years old I have made some bad decisions in my life. I am not perfect. If I was to say I was I would be lying. This weekend I decided to try out a new look. I am extremely picky with who I let cut my hair. I am very particular because of how curly my hair is. I had a few too many haircuts. I tried a new salon for my last cut and I was blown away. My hair looked amazing. The salon is also around the corner from me. So it is perfect and I can walk over you can not beat that. So I went to the salon on saturday and asked to have the under-layer of my hair lightened one or two shades I wanted a very slight difference. Just something trendy and cute. ¬†Something like this…


Well…My hairdresser took it upon herself to bleach my hair. (keep in mind I just got a teaching job.) I have very dark brown hair. I looked like a SKUNK! It came out this gross orange gold white color it was all different colors and it looks like crap. I pulled up my hair and I looked so ridiculous. It was not a straight layer either. She kept telling me it looked amazing I was mortified. The picture below is what it looked like wet. Once it dried it was a lot lighter and looked worse.


I went home and I cried to my mom. She finally made me call my hairdresser back. So yesterday I went back in to the salon and asked her to dye it back to my natural color. She did..kinda. half of it is still this gross color. Thankfully my hair on top kinda hides it. I am going to wait a few days and I am going to dye it from a box. Because I really feel like crap about this decision.

This is the first thing I have really ever regretted doing to my hair. I have put my hair through hell and back in the past. So that says a lot. Maybe I was hoping for something a bit out of reach… Needless to say I will never let this lady color my hair EVER again. She does a great cut so I will go see her for that but never for something like this.

So for now I look like I have zebra stripes in my hair. Does anyone else have a hair color horror story?

3 thoughts on “It is all a part of life…

  1. Oh Dani!!! I’ve definitely been there – live and learn! After having my first son, I decided it was time for a new look (was too scared to do anything until I popped him out!) so I made an appointment at a really cool and trendy downtown salon and went. I came out with huge chunks of blonde streaks (colour-blocking, I’m told) and was devastated – especially since now I just looked like some punk pushing a stroller on the streets of Toronto! I called the salon in a panic at 4am and the next morning went in and had them fix it – it took them 3 tries to finally get it back to the way I imagined and I swore to myself I would not walk out until I was satisfied! Well written and I hope you’re happy with the way it looks now!!


    • Oh no! I am glad you were able to get it fixed. I finally have it fixed (somewhat) it is a hell of a lot closer to what I wanted now after doing it myself at home. I have learned not to let myself make silly decisions anymore! No more trying new looks on a whim!


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