The future scares me…

So tonight I went out to dinner with my mom and my 15 year old sister. As we are sitting in applebees I hear a conversation from the table behind me. There was a young boy (about 11 or 12) talking to his parents. They were talking about what they did during the day when suddenly a part of me died.

I got a HUGE slap in the face about how technology has changed childhood. The little boy told his parents that he had just watched a really weird movie called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have you ever heard of it? Both parents said no….My heart started to pound and I got sweaty. I think I may have had a small heart attack… I know I grew up during the height of Potter-Mania but to think that these kids had never heard of it is crazy!

Am I the only one who has ever experienced something like this? I am still in shock!

2 thoughts on “The future scares me…

  1. I myself grew up in the height of Potter-Mania and to hear someone refer to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as a weird movie is just the worst. Nerd alert: I can remember standing in long lines at midnight to get the books.

    I myself heard an eighth grader say that he didn’t know who this Mr. Feeny guy was (Boy Meets World) was and another eighth grader was trying to recall the cartoon that had the “weird dog and cast of people trying to solve a mystery” (Scooby Doo).


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