SOCHI 2014


As I sit here watching the 2014 Olympics I am reminded of some of my most cherished childhood memories. I used to watch Ice skating with Nanny (my grandmother on my moms side). She passed away when I was young but we would spend winters watching people gliding beautifully across the ice. We would go to see Stars on Ice or sit comfortably watching them on TV.

Now at 23 years old I am watching a new generation of ice skaters show off their magical footwork on the ice in Sochi. It is amazing how graceful these skaters are. The Ice dancing couple pictured to the left Meryl Davis and Charlie white were so perfect! I was amazed by the chemistry they have. It is like magic as soon as they step out onto the ice. 
The USA team is fabulous and I am so excited that they got the bronze! Now I get to wait for curling my second favorite sport in the winter Olympics! 


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