So much to do….

So I am applying to grad school. This is a HUGE step for me…

For a long time I was toying with the idea of grad school. Did I really want to throw myself back into school and gather more debt? Do I really want to sit in a stuffy classroom listening to a professor who assumes that their view on a topic is the only correct view. I think mostly I was petrified of going back so I was throwing my anxiety onto something else. I do want to continue my education and I want to help change the lives of kids. I want to be better for myself. I also want to get back to doing work before I forget how much work goes into school… I may already be on that path a year out of school has made me seem so lazy. I was mostly putting off all of this because I was unsure of what I wanted to study.

One possibility was going for higher education and student affairs. Mostly because I loved my leadership roles while I was in college. It was such a different experience for me to work with incoming college freshman instead of little kids (although I learned that parents are the same no matter how old their kid is….).I am not completely going to forget about this it is something to fall back on and possibly turn to later in life.

The second was education (my bachelors is in education) Everything with common core curriculum kind of turned me off from education for a while. The idea of testing kids so much is disgusting. There is no flexibility or fun left in school. Teachers do not get tobe as creative and do not have the freedom to make a student love learning anymore. It is so horrible! However, the more I played with my options I realized I can play with these ideas a bit more. I can make learning fun. It is all about what the teacher does with the strict standards that are common core. A teacher can make it fun and play with different ideas. Maybe that is why I need to become a teacher. I need to help ensure that kids still love to learn.

So I have officially sent in an application for  a masters in special ed/childhood ed. I have to write my personal statement still but that will come together in time! I am crossing my fingers that everything works out!

I also got a phone call today. I am interviewing on Monday to be a sub! FINALLY a job offer!  (the best part was I did not even apply word of mouth got them my info!) So I am extremely nervous! This is such a great opportunity! Especially with grad school…I could work during the day and go to school at night. It would be a perfect situation.

Cross your fingers for me everyone!

The future scares me…

So tonight I went out to dinner with my mom and my 15 year old sister. As we are sitting in applebees I hear a conversation from the table behind me. There was a young boy (about 11 or 12) talking to his parents. They were talking about what they did during the day when suddenly a part of me died.

I got a HUGE slap in the face about how technology has changed childhood. The little boy told his parents that he had just watched a really weird movie called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have you ever heard of it? Both parents said no….My heart started to pound and I got sweaty. I think I may have had a small heart attack… I know I grew up during the height of Potter-Mania but to think that these kids had never heard of it is crazy!

Am I the only one who has ever experienced something like this? I am still in shock!

Learn to Freebie!

Being a poor college student I got resourceful! I have received sample sized shampoos, full size bottle of cleaning products, coupons, fragrances, household items, even perscription EYE GLASSES (probably my best freebie EVER I got them from when they were having a first pair free sale)! I have been requesting freebies for about 2 years. Over this time I have gotten very good at finding awesome deals! Things got serious when I was working my summer job in 2012. I was working with a few other girls from my college and during down time we would all be on Amazon or some other site shopping. One of the girls was constantly getting mail delivered of items she requested for free. We were intrigued. She showed us a few tips and the madness began… Since then I have spent a lot of time requesting these free items/coupons. Now when I have down time this is what I do.

How to get started.

Companies do not know that you want their product… you need to request it. So it does take some work.

You need to really think about what products you like. Is there a kind of shampoo you love but it is too expensive? Have you always wanted to try a product but never purchased it? All things to think about have an idea of companies and products.

  1. You do have to enter your email address for most freebies. I would suggest having an email address specifically for your freebies. (I have one and it was a great idea! no spam in my normal email)
  2. go to websites and see if something offered brands like Kotex normally have samples available P&G also offers sample boxes about 4 times a year!
  4. auto-fill is your friend having to type in your address over and over is annoying!
  5. Like company pages on facebook. They often post about giveaways or even contests. 
  6. Follow companies on twitter.
  7. Freebies go fast don’t expect them to be there hours later.

There are easier ways to do this. There are blogs out there that post when a freebie is available. My addiction started because of Freebieshark they even offer an option to receive a text when great freebies are available. (as I am typing this I just got a text and requested a free sample of Hefty garbage bags) 

Serious about reviewing products? Check out these sites!

Pinch Me. About once a month they open up the ability to receive freebies. It is always at 12pm est.  You can request a box with up to 3 samples! You do a survey and your points go up to qualify to get more samples.

BzzAgent is another great site you do surveys and they will send you full size products to test. You need to review them but it is worth it!

Influenster is another favorite of mine. They have a VoxBox program. (basically a box of whatever they want you to review based on surveys most have a theme!) another site you do surveys to qualify for boxes (this site is harder and takes more patience than others)

I wanted to give you a quick how-to I will be posting a lot more about freebies in the future! PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS!



**I do not work for any of these companies. No one is paying me to write about any website/product mentioned. I am expressing my own opinions.** 

Post Grad Struggles

Well, where do I begin? I graduated college in May 2013 with a B.S. In Childhood and Early Childhood Education and a concentration in English. After 5 amazing years of living in the most amazing little town in the world (New Paltz, NY) I packed my bags and moved back home to live with mom.

When I went away to school everything was very different. I left my Mom, Dad, and 2 sisters at home. My parents got divorced while I was in college. It was the best thing to happen to the girls of my family! My Dad is a horrible person and I will leave it at that. When I moved back after graduation I moved into a nut house.  My uncle is going through a divorce so he moved in.He has 2 young sons and they stay with us every other weekend. My sister and her now husband lived with us! She was pregnant when I moved home. (HOLY HORMONES!)–as if we did not fight enough before pregnancy.  And then there was my mom and youngest sister. My house was NUTS and still is. My sister and her husband moved out but there are still way too many people in this house!

I had been applying to jobs for months before I moved home with no luck. No one wanted me I was either over qualified or under qualified for everything. Luckily I am still covered by my mom’s health insurance for 2 more years. I have turned to being a Nanny to my 6 month old niece. I watch her at my house five days a week. I am not making nearly enough money but at least I have a form of income.

Having a teaching degree in New York right now seems like a waste of my time. There is not a single job out there. I just keep reminding myself to keep my head up and hope that the economy turns around soon!

While I wait for a job  I have to find something to cover expenses. My college loans cost me about $500 a month because I paid for college entirely on my own. (Working on lowering the payments currently) That does not include any other expenses and does not leave me much in the way of a savings. My social life is almost non existent because of this lack of money but I am okay with that.  I still get out often enough to see my friends and enjoy being a 20-something Everything will turn around soon enough.

I have to remind myself it could be worse. I am lucky. I have an awesome family. They support me. I realize how lucky I am and I dont know how I would do this without them.

February Maven Box

So I wanted to show you all my February Julep Maven box! I went for the Bombshell Box this month. Holy cow I am in love with the colors! The box included 3 colors (Love, Kristen, and Judi) I added on Goldie for fun. I will give you a small breakdown of what I thought below!
ImageThe polishes this month were so great I did not have love in the box for the picture sorry everyone.

Judi- This was the first color I tried mostly because I LOVE Purple. Itis such an amazing color

Kristen-The best way to describe this is to say it looks like the night sky. It is so beautiful!

  Love- This was the bonus this month. It is gold and pink glitter cute not my style but my cousins will love it for dress up!

Julep Love Nail Swatch

Goldie- so cute. very simple gold glitter! Love it!

 Liquid Eye shadow Warm Fig Shimmer- I did not like it at all. I had never tried a liquid eyeshadow and I am sure that is why i will have to give it another chance in the summer when I am tan!


Interested in becoming a maven? (<– click here) 

It is $20 a month. You can skip once every 6 months and choose different boxes every month. Sign up now!

*The link above is my referral code!


So I have gotten a TON of freebies/samples in the past few weeks! Time to update you all!


So I got these new Burt’s Bees Products in the mail last week! First of all amazing freebie I love all of their products Thank you POPSUGAR SAMPLE SQUAD! I don’t like lipstick so these are right up my ally. The colors are not really me but they work for the season! I LOVE how they leave my lips feeling. I suggest you check these out!


These samples are from P&G! Thank you P&G They send out samples about 4 times a year!Cascade Platinum– Worked well. I did not notice a huge difference. I already use cascade dishwasher tabs but these were nice to use!Gain Fireworks! HOLY CRAP! My laundry smells AMAZING! I washed a sweatshirt in it and the smell is still there a week later hanging in my closet! I suggest you check this out!

I don’t use Prilosec OTC so I have no review I gave it to my uncle.


U by Kotex You can request a sample here! (<– Click)I have used their products before. They are good not my favorite I prefer always. But you get 4 pads and a coupon free not a bad deal!


Pinch Me! (reminder to pinch me fans tomorrow 2/18 at noon est you can request a new sample box!)
So I got a clay mask in this box from glacial clay spa. I am not a huge fan…I tried it but it was not for me.
Maxwell House International Latte Suisse Mocha it was pretty good I used it as a creamer! It made my coffee taste very good!

Well that is all for now! see you all soon!

SOCHI 2014


As I sit here watching the 2014 Olympics I am reminded of some of my most cherished childhood memories. I used to watch Ice skating with Nanny (my grandmother on my moms side). She passed away when I was young but we would spend winters watching people gliding beautifully across the ice. We would go to see Stars on Ice or sit comfortably watching them on TV.

Now at 23 years old I am watching a new generation of ice skaters show off their magical footwork on the ice in Sochi. It is amazing how graceful these skaters are. The Ice dancing couple pictured to the left Meryl Davis and Charlie white were so perfect! I was amazed by the chemistry they have. It is like magic as soon as they step out onto the ice. 
The USA team is fabulous and I am so excited that they got the bronze! Now I get to wait for curling my second favorite sport in the winter Olympics! 

Pinch Me

I recently Joined Pinch Me it is a site that gives you a chance to sample new products. I have received 2 boxes so far. Here are a few reviews of the products I received.


I received a sample size of SUAVE® SKIN SOLUTIONS SMOOTHING BODY LOTION with Cocoa Butter & Shea (image from google)

I personally was not a huge fan of this product. Mostly for the smell. I like most products with cocoa butter but this just smelled horrible. Silly me put it on my body before work and I was left very self conscious all day. It was not what I would have chosen this for myself.


Photo by me 🙂

Well I am not a huge fan of this. HORRIBLE after taste. I have tried many different kinds of “weird” chocolates but this had to have been my least favorite ever!


SUAVE® SKIN SOLUTIONSAdvanced Therapy Body Lotion
(image from Google)

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I suffer from very dry skin. This product was SUPERB. It was very thick but soaked in perfectly. I already bought a full sized bottle. This may just be my new go to lotion.

HIGHLY suggest you check this out!


(image from google)

LOVE Okay so I am obsessed with coffee. This was so good! I normally pay $6+ for a good Latte. This was good. Very sweet and tasty. I highly suggest it to all coffee lovers.

Graze Nibble Box

This box all started because I received a code from a friend. At only $6 a box it is a complete steal! I have already had friends sign up to get their free box! I have been on a bit of a health kick and I thought what better a way to try new things than a box of healthy snacks being delivered to my door once a week.
(you can choose the frequency every 2 weeks once a month etc)


This is my first Graze box! I got Chocolate Oranges(Belgian Chocolates, Orange Raisins, and Hazelnuts), Sour Cream and Onion Cashews, Key Lime Pie(lime raisins, mini meringues, sponge pieces and green raisins) , and The Cheese Board (cheese cashews, salsa corn sticks, and herb crackers). All 4 snacks were AMAZING! I can not wait to see what I get next week!

You can not pick what you get but you can rate things and the higher the rating the more often you get it! So far I have no complaints and I HIGHLY Recommend it!  
If you would like to try I will share my code.
 You will get your 1st and 5th box free!!